Hi, I'm Salman Ansari 👋🏽

This website is a public experiment in sharing notes.

Inspired by others who have shared their own [[digital gardens]], I've decided to starting posting some of my notes on this site. My aim is not to publish all my notes. Instead, I plan to post notes about broader themes that are recurring in my mind. These ideas are still in their formulation stage. I believe placing them here in context with related notes will enhance their meaning.

In some cases, these notes may inform future essays. I'm honestly not sure how this experiment will go, but its existence is an exercise in [[sharing my process]].

If you're curious to build your own digital garden, check out [[how I built this]].

Top of Mind


If something in this note resonated with you, shoot me a direct message on Twitter or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!